(Florence 1459/1460 - 1521)

Christ the Redemer

c. 1510/1520

Bust in terracotta;
56 x 50 x 23 cm
The terracotta bust is stylistically dependent on the bronze Christ in The incredulity of St. Thomas (1467-1483) by Andrea del Verrocchio for Orsanmichele in Florence. From this model, however, this sculpture differs for a creative autonomy, emerging for the strong and introspective dimension and for the interpretation of the plastic features more tender and sweet, as well as for the fluid but curvy hair.
These elements, in addiction to the type-necked robes and the choice of a more compact drapery, allow us to count our Redeemer among a fairly consistent group of busts that are less dependent on Verrocchio: Klewer collection, Berlin; National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa and another already in the Loeser collection, and finally, for the presence of a similar Cherub on the dress, the one in the Church of San Silvestro in Barberino del Mugello.
A strict similar but glazed Redeemer bust, recently appeared in the antique market and attributed by Giancarlo Gentilini to Benedetto Buglioni thanks to the glazing quality, allow us to give the present work to the same master, as also confirmed by Gentilini.
The present terracotta similarities with three works by Buglioni placed between the first and the second decade of the century (Saint John, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld, Madonna and Child with Saints , Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam; Madonna enthroned with Saints Anselm, Dominic, Francis, Mary Magdalene, Museo della Collegiata, Empoli), allows us to date the bust at the same period, also in relation to the stylistic and chronologically “distance” by Verrocchio’s model, whose our Christ is an effective witness.

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